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Lift & Haul. Do it all with one call to Tharrow Crane. Striving for client satisfaction above everything else.

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And we are barely scratching the surface. Tharrow Crane is not your average crane service. We offer streamlined solutions for all your transportation and lifting needs. We tailor plans that combine technical perfection and client satisfaction.

At Tharrow Crane Ltd., we believe that a company’s most prized resource is its employees, therefore, we are proud of a dedicated, experienced, and professionally trained crew. Our 24/7 availability ensures that clients always get the solutions they are looking for. Our team has helped transport all forms of heavy machinery and equipment across the province. We make the hardest assignments look easy.

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Unlike anything PG has ever seen, this brute is the largest truck-mounted crane in the area, and boasts legendary lifting power.


  • 2012 Terex Crossover 6000 crane on a 2013 Western Star Truck
  • 110 feet (33.5 m) fully-synchronous telescopic boom
  • 167 feet of max reach with jib
  • 60 USt (54.4 t) maximum lifting capacity


For timely transportation of smaller equipment and materials, we offer hot shot services with our flat-deck 1-tonne trucks.

When you need something shipped out fast, Tharrow Crane offers Hot Shot services.  We have a fleet of flat-deck 1-tonne trucks that are ideal for moving smaller equipment, parts or materials.  Our team is there to ensure this product gets moved safely and in a timely manner.

If you need something shipped out in a hurry, give us a call.

Expertise and Experience

Licensed across the country, Tharrow Crane Ltd. has been providing mobile crane services in the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and beyond since 2014. We take pride in coordinating with our clients step-by-step so that everything is up-to-date and as per requirements. It’s not just about getting the job done, it’s about getting it done right.

Our company harbors superior cranes that are kept up to date in accordance with diligent maintenance and quality checks. We have the largest knuckle boom in the Central Interior. But we are more than just our fleet of machines.

  • We Plan.
  • We Deliver.
  • We Exceed.

Why Choose Tharrow Crane?


Our Fleet

We have some of the most robust mobile lifting cranes in the north.  We compliment this state of the art equipment with additional Knuckle and Stiff Boom cranes as well as flat-deck trucks.



Our team has an extensive history and knowledge behind them.  Lifting big items like this safely takes skill, expertise and experience and we have the team to ensure it’s done right.



We take great pride in being there for our clients.  Our phones are on 24-7-365 and we fully understand that if you are calling in an off-time, it’s a situation that demands attention quickly.  We’re always here to help.